Mr. Weber has a multifaceted history of experience. After engineering careers in industrial construction
and electronic manufacturing, he was one of the founders of a Silicon Valley start-up that was sold in its
fourth year.   Then after several years  working as a broker of California land  investments,  he moved to
North Carolina where in 2004 he became the only home builder known to win medals in each of his first
three years entering the Parade of Homes using his own designs. All these careers involved photography,
and he has been a student of digital photography since the early 1990’s.  Today he pursues this lifelong passion,
focusing on architectural and commercial projects.

Thirty-five years after winning the first photo contest he entered, and with 20 years crafting custom homes,
he adds his natural ingenuity, hard earned camera skills, post-production experience, engineer’s mind, and
artist’s heart to artistically document what you have created.

Each image tries to transform the subject into a work of art; to make the functional interesting or to transmute
the attractive into something superb. Diligent work finds the best aspects. Then the most favorable illumination
is developed using anything from available ambient to complex multiple flash and light painting procedures,
turning a good photograph into a great and memorable image to help give your creation the credit it deserves.


5/5 stars
Bruce completed a quick notice and turn around shoot of our newly renovated hotel. Delivered on every promise and exceeded our expectations. Very professional and knowledgeable.
Can highly recommend Bruce for your photography needs.

Layne M

5/5 stars
Very professional and collaborative! My clients really liked him.
Lora B

 5/5 stars
Bruce was so easy to reach & communicate with & the photos turned out perfectly; exactly what we were looking for.
We plan to use his services again for future projects.
Carly K

5/5 stars
I put my house up on the market to sell and I had Bruce take the photos of my house for the brochure and online listing.
The photos are amazing! People have called based on the photos alone. I will use him every time I need any photos taken!!!! Highly recommend him.

Amanda W