Snowstorm fun

We had about 3 times more snow than predicted. I took advantage of it to get some interesting shots. 


For this composition I set my 24-120 zoom at 24mm and used ISO 100 at f9.5 and 1/90 second. This kept everything in focus except the snow flakes very close to the lens, while also creating little streaks to add some motion to the snowfall. (Original image is 3000×2000 and shows more detail) The use of fill-in flash from the on-camera unit lit up close snowflakes to break up the mostly grey background.  The model and dog provide scale to the image and the line of trees adds depth. I adjusted the color temperature to leave just a little blue in the white and grey scene and saturated the green some.


For this portrait I was still at ISO 100 and f9.5 aperture priority, at 1/125second, but had zoomed in to 110mm.  No flash. The image has a hazy look that enhances the feel of cold and wind. This was accomplished by stepping into a ditch hidden by a snow drift and letting my camera land in the snow! I wiped off the UV filter with my pants leg and took this picture – then ran inside to dry off everything! Color temperature adjusted and shadows lightened.

The Photographer