Prom Night

I went to Guadalajara and Ajijic for this social event shoot. The last time there, my tripod almost got me kicked off the return flight, so I went without a tripod. But then I arrived with no tripod to photograph a huge event where it was so dark that ISO 1600 would not even get a good still photo!

Here is a “before and after” of one shot. It is a father and his daughter on the night of her University Graduation.  The lighting was changing by the second, and they were moving quickly while dancing, but I needed the perfect shot. Actual specs – Nikon 750D at 3200 ISO, 24-120 lens at 82mm -1/2 step exposure face recognition metering, aperture priority, F 4.8,  1/45 sec. ,  no flash.
The image was processed in Light room, then Photoshop. I used masking to isolate the background and blur it.  The result is a father and daughter alone together with the rest of the world only a blur, as he shows everyone how proud he is of her.

The Photographer