Photography has always been a calming place where I can go to experience the world around me with more clarity. I have used many different tools over the years. I started taking photographs with a Kodak Brownie camera and Ectachrome slide film. Later my father let me use his Argus C3 rangefinder on a trip to Europe where I shot several hundred Kodachrome slides during my six weeks there. My first professional photography transaction occurred at 18 when the married teacher/chaperones on that trip asked to buy a copy of all those slides! I bought a Yashica SLR while in college and knew I would continue a life-long passion for capturing moments on film.


As a young engineer I moved up to a Nikkormat EL and then a Nikon F2 Photomic, the workhorse professional level SLR of 1980. I also used an F2 and a borescope in my job documenting the condition of gas turbine rotor and blade assemblies. At that time I also made a darkroom in my apartment and printed Kodachrome slides onto 8x10 Cibachrome paper using an Agnekolor laminar flow processor.


When digital cameras were introduced to consumers in the mid 90’s I had already “gone digital” using the Kodak Photo CD system to convert many of my slides and negatives to digital files. I bought an early Sony Cybershot and several additional models over the years, also moving to digital video cameras. In 2005 I bought the Canon 350D Rebel. In 2008 I bought the 450D and began working with RAW files.


The advancement of digital photography technology, both hardware and software, continues rapidly. I replaced my Nikon D610 with the D750 in 2015. It is an extremely powerful, highly portable imaging computer, and paired with my Nikkor zooms, Samyang f1.4 85mm portrait lens, and other equipment, I am ready for just about any photo challenge. Sensors with higher resolution and better dynamic range continue to be developed, and the future of photography remains exciting.


For me, digital photography challenges my left and right brain; the artist and the engineer inside of me. My work has always involved photography. As a Failure Analysis Engineer in Silicon Valley my work product included photo-micro graphs. In 20 years designing and building custom homes, my work was documented and advertised with photos I took myself. Today in a photography career, I utilize all the experience gained in decades behind a lens.


I combine my natural ingenuity, hard earned camera skills, post-production experience, engineer’s mind, and artist’s heart to document what you have created. Each image becomes an attempt to transform the subject into a work of art; to make the functional interesting or to transmute the attractive into something superb. Composition is critical. Then the most favorable illumination is considered using available ambient or various flash procedures. The goal is to make not just a good photograph, but a great and memorable image to help give your creation the credit it deserves.



Bruce completed a quick notice and turn around shoot of our newly renovated hotel. Delivered on every promise and exceeded our expectations. Very professional and knowledgeable.Can highly recommend Bruce for your photography needs.
Layne M


Very professional and collaborative! My clients really liked him.
Lora B


I work for a property management company & we needed photos of one of our completely renovated units as well as a unit that had no upgrades for comparison. Bruce was so easy to reach & communicate with & the photos turned out perfectly; exactly what we were looking for. We plan to use his services again for future projects.
Carly K


I put my house up on the market to sell and I had Bruce take the photos of my house for the brochure and online listing. The photos are amazing! People have called based on the photos alone. I will use him every time I need any photos taken!!!! Highly recommend him.
Amanda W


I've been working with Bruce to shoot my designs (rooms / spaces). He's been great. Bruce has an eye for the angle and colors. He is very professional and timely. My photos are edited and returned to me within 48 hours. I'm very happy with the quality of the photos. I highly recommend him.
Aimee M