Banquet Room

This restaurant needed a new photo of their beautiful round high-ceiling banquet room. White floor, black tablecloths, and lots of glass looking outside. My wireless 400W Mono-light with TTL metering made it easier. I exposed for outside to be light, and let the mono-light determine the exposure for the inside. I adjusted the height and...

Home-made panoramic head

All of the components are Arca Swiss connectors. The camera panning base screws onto a 3/8 stud on the tripod, and holds the Hifine CL-90N Quick Release Clamp. The base has 360 degree markings for precise positioning of multiple shots in a panorama. The Neewer 200mm nodal slide rail is held by the Quick Release...

Restaurant advertising

A quick project to show an international firm that I have what it takes to provide the images they want for advertising their event space. I kept all the shots warm and inviting, and there is enough detail that those concerned with the details can see it is about time to replace the chairs!

Fall color – the hard way

This year the fall leaf color in the Blue Ridge Mountains has been a day to day guess to decide when to drive up there and deal with the traffic. My choice defied the weather forecast and was right and it was wrong. I took my dog Carly with me and she was wonderful –...

Life remembered

With a few photos from your past I can create an emotional remembrance of past events in your life. Custom pricing for such a variable project, and depending on the delivered object.

The Photographer