The Accidental Portrait

An excellent portrait has to “say” something.  Sometimes everything happens in an instant, and that is why having a camera with basically no lag in capturing the shot is so important.  In this case I was able to catch the dogs and my model all looking in the same direction, while the wind at 5,600...

Sometimes HDR is not enough

This shoot for an Interior Designer was a very challenging room. Off-white walls and white ceiling, with a deep navy blue cabinet, an even darker and less reflective navy blue sofa, and very bright lamps on either side. Incandescent lighting was mixed with a south facing wall of glass, on a sunny day. The designer...

Video services example

This is an example of what a local Real Estate Broker can obtain from  weberphotos at an introductory price of only $500! Drone video, interior shots, and video production. Video ad for MLS  

Photo-kinetic grid

The North Carolina Museum of Art has been hosting “YOU ARE HERE” which is a collection of art that is primarily light, color and sound experiences. Entire rooms were taken over by an individual artist. Photos were allowed in every part of the exhibit but one that was a sound experiment using 40 speakers  in...

Veiled Woman on a Beachfront

This presentation at the NCMA exhibit was created by Theo Eshetu It is a kaleidoscope-like view of a woman in a black hooded outfit in the wind. The scene repeats about every 10 minutes.  It has a very ominous feel. Here are a few clips.

What You See is What You Get

What you don’t see is what the photographer started with! The final photo is what you send to the client.  You don’t want them to see what you started with!  In this case it was a three shot panorama using my finger as the estimated null point. And I had to be too close and...

The Photographer