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Restaurant advertising

A quick project to show an international firm that I have what it takes to provide the images they want for advertising their event space. I kept all the shots warm and inviting, and there is enough detail that those concerned with the details can see it is about time to replace the chairs!

Sometimes HDR is not enough

This shoot for an Interior Designer was a very challenging room. Off-white walls and white ceiling, with a deep navy blue cabinet, an even darker and less reflective navy blue sofa, and very bright lamps on either side. Incandescent lighting was mixed with a south facing wall of glass, on a sunny day. The designer...

Video services example

This is an example of what a local Real Estate Broker can obtain from  weberphotos at an introductory price of only $500! Drone video, interior shots, and video production. Video ad for MLS  

Navy Blue Challenge

I did several shoots to document interior design in July.  This image was for Aimee Montgomery Interiors and was by far the most challenging.  Dark navy blue semi-gloss walls and navy blue chairs with very little reflectivity.  I used 7 stop HDR and tried several different Tone Mapped and Fused techniques to deal with the...

Cathedral Poster

From the roof garden of our Bed and Breakfast in San Miguel, we had a 360 degree view. I used a telephoto lens to get up close to these church spires and made them into a poster, with an amazing view of the Parroquia in the center. 24×24 poster printed from 7200×7200 pixel file –...

Interior Design Sunburst!

When a professional photographer is asked to document the work of a great interior designer, it brings two artists together in an opportunity to create an image that displays both talents! At first this is a simple scene, but as the eye wanders, there is so much going on.  The lamp and other items on...

The Photographer