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Fall color – the hard way

This year the fall leaf color in the Blue Ridge Mountains has been a day to day guess to decide when to drive up there and deal with the traffic. My choice defied the weather forecast and was right and it was wrong. I took my dog Carly with me and she was wonderful –...

Drone Art

I have had some problems with video transmission from my drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)  Using a cutting edge technology always has issues! They are over now and the crystal clear video gives me great confidence and control.  Here is an image I call Sunset Looking Down, made from one frame of the video stream.

Orchids in Space

The last two blooms, placed on a matte surface dappled with white dots. The focus point was picked at high magnification using live view.  Exposure details – ISO 200 – 85mm – f22 – 3 seconds.  The background was copied to a separate layer and then modified in Photoshop to smooth and darken the blue...

Shoot the Moon

I really enjoy the versatility of my recently purchased Nikon Cool pix P610.  A 24-1440 mm equivalent is an amazing zoom range. These photos show just how incredible that range is.  Of course I used a sturdy tripod! Shooting the moon at 24 is a rather boring night shot. But by the time you get...

Asiatic Lily

Another shot from a few months back.  This is an arrangement of Asiatic Lillies on a table that caught a shaft of light from a high window.  Grabbed my camera and took several shots.  In PSCC , I changed the background from black to a deep blue.


The coldest winter in my 20 years in North Carolina.  In a two week period schools were only open two days due to treacherous roads and or extreme cold.  At the same time, it was beautiful.

Pictures without a camera

Photography doesn’t always involve a conventional camera.  I gathered these leaves from my own backyard and arranged them on my Epson scanner, set at 800dpi.  Some scanners will create black where there is no object to reflect the light back into the sensor, but this one magically fills in those areas with white!  That was...


Orchids are not something I can grow.  I buy them and they bloom maybe two years in a row and then they die. So I take pictures of them when they are in full bloom.

Biltmore Greenhouse

In the greenhouse at Biltmore.  Taken April of 2014.  Finally inspired to create this posterized version. Available as a signed 20×30 poster for $100

Altered blooms

This bouquet was beautiful.  I used an in-camera function called color swap to alter a range of colors in the captured image.  Then by positioning the camera above and close to the top bloom, and using a wide aperture, I achieved the more artistic effect I wanted to capture the subject.

Window Falls

Hanging Rock Park boasts 5 waterfalls.  My recent vist there allowed me to see three of them. This image of Window Falls was OK, but the fallen tree seen on the left really bothered me.  So I got rid of it using the cloning function in Photoshop. I also added clarity and some saturation. I...

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