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Life remembered

With a few photos from your past I can create an emotional remembrance of past events in your life. Custom pricing for such a variable project, and depending on the delivered object.

The Accidental Portrait

An excellent portrait has to “say” something.  Sometimes everything happens in an instant, and that is why having a camera with basically no lag in capturing the shot is so important.  In this case I was able to catch the dogs and my model all looking in the same direction, while the wind at 5,600...

Snowstorm fun

We had about 3 times more snow than predicted. I took advantage of it to get some interesting shots.  For this composition I set my 24-120 zoom at 24mm and used ISO 100 at f9.5 and 1/90 second. This kept everything in focus except the snow flakes very close to the lens, while also creating...

Photographing my grandaughter!

I am not comfortable photographing people – then add the craziness of an infant and I was not sure how long I would last.  But sometimes its good to get out of your comfort zone.

A Family Portrait

Portraits don’t have to be formal! This image has textures and colors, and it tells a story the subjects will remember every time they look at it. Memorial Park in Blowing Rock, NC

Prom Photo Bomb

Quijote (the dog)  loves company, and he loves to be in pictures.  He got a little silly when I was doing pre- prom photos for a group of seniors.


I lost my father in February of 2014  My Mom survives, but her memory fades.  I visited her at Thanksgiving time – remembering all the great years we had huge family feasts.  Now she is cared for 24 hours a day at a Senior Care Center.  I am with my daughters, step-son, and sister. My...

The Photographer