Foodie image

Dinner at Posana in Asheville is made more entertaining at a window seat, where you can watch locals and tourists passing by at the spot in the center of town where Broadway turns into Biltmore Ave. This amazing raw tuna appetizer was the prelude to a symphony of tastes yet to come.  Its always risky to try and capture professional level images without a tripod. But the best cameras today control noise at high ISO much better than just a couple years ago. This shot used a modest ISO1600 at f9.5 and 1/125 second. An image is always made more interesting when the exposure is at its best.  I like the challenge of shooting without flash whenever possible. Pros can always argue, but when you have great tonal range from black to white without excessive contrast – you have done a very good job capturing the scene. Of course Light Room and PhotoShop can make a good image even better. f3967

The Photographer