Hidalgo Villa

On the way to my May 25th shoot of the Chapala Malecon, I stopped and made this 5 shot handheld panorama of a grand old, now abandoned, villa on the main street into Chapala.  (Photo 1)The originals are all Lumix RAW. (My Lumix DMC- FZ1000 is still the only camera I have in Mexico until I can get home to bring my professional Nikon equipment) Fixed aperture of 4.5, ISO 100. Exposure time was 1/60 to 1/100. B+W Circular Polarizer filter.

I tried PS Photomerge with both automatic and perspective layout, and all options selected. Then again without geometric distortion correction. Every try resulted in extreme distortion. I tried the optics adjustment in the camera raw filter, plus the adaptive wide angle and lens correction tools, but they did not eliminate much of it. (Photos 2 and 3)

Then I tried ICE (Image composite Editor) and looked at all the different projection options, and perspective was by far the best. While still in the stitch window I adjusted the vertical and horizontal view to fine tune the perspective and view. The cars were a big problem.  (Photos 4 and 5)

I then went back to the original photos and used the skew tool to remove much of the perspective distortion from each of them.  I tried Photoshop again. But the Photomerge did not want to include the first image, and I was never able to get the left end of the wall in the final panorama. (Photo 6)

So I tried ICE again.  I worked in the crop window several times, until I got as much of the front wall in the final view as possible. Choosing autocomplete made the best final view, with the blank areas filled in by the software. Saving that, I went back to Photoshop with the JPEG file.

After an additional crop, I got rid of what was remaining of the cars using the clone tool, then I used skew to get a better squared-up look to the image. (Photo 7) Finally I adjusted exposure, shadows and several other minor changes in the RAW filter window, and then used the PS sky replacement tool to arrive at the final image. (Photo 8) That is something any local realtor that got this listing would be so happy to have!

The Photographer