Home-made panoramic head

All of the components are Arca Swiss connectors. The camera panning base screws onto a 3/8 stud on the tripod, and holds the Hifine CL-90N Quick Release Clamp. The base has 360 degree markings for precise positioning of multiple shots in a panorama. The Neewer 200mm nodal slide rail is held by the Quick Release clamp, and both have bubble levels. You can mount the camera directly into the adjustable mount on the rail for landscape orientation. I added an L bracket for portrait mode. You can actually add vertical movement without calibration by rotating the camera on the mounting stud on the L bracket. Total investment of $90. And I can use various parts for other purposes. Right now it is set up for using my Nikkormat 16-35 zoom in about 30 seconds.

The Photographer