Making a Sculpture Awesome

Back in January we went to a local cathedral in Guadalajara. The large public square around it was filled with vendors selling food and other items. As we walked around I took a quick shot of an odd sculpture of a head on its side. Not great. I had not even caught all of the sculpture in the shot! But later I was inspired to try to do something with it. I had to get rid of the distracting background and and then add to the right side of the canvas, and then make a new sky. I use both Luminar 4 and the new Photoshop sky replacement tools. For this one I used Luminar. You can see the before and after results here.

Experienced photo artists will see what I did to make it more believable. . . . . . There was distinctive sunlight in the original photo. I worked with this by selecting an alternate sky where the sun location matched the real sun location close enough in the original photo.

The Photographer