In 2010 I visited Atlanta with my wife and daughter. My wife was fighting cancer but she wanted to see our daughter play, even while she needed an oxygen tank to breathe. Our daughter was playing in a national volleyball tournament and sometimes there were hours between games. I spent some time photographing the architecture. Later that year my wife died while under Hospice care. Life went on. The next year my daughter and I went back for the same tournament. This time I spent my time wandering the streets and reflecting on my life, past and future. The reflections in all the glass buildings around me took on a special meaning. It became a project that resulted in a photo- travel book titled Reflections On Atlanta Architecture-a walking tour.


In 2014 the HILLSBOROUGH ART COUNCIL held a one month exhibit of 14 images from this project in their gallery. The 14 images were displayed in an order that allowed the viewer to experience architectural imagery that went from the literal to the evocative, to the abstract. The slide show includes the images in that order. All images are available as limited edition prints in sizes from 16×24 to 20×30
The ebook is available HERE A printed version is also available at Blurb