Isla Venados

I love my Nikon D750, but buying a long telephoto lens for a full frame camera is very expensive.  For example the 800mm AF-S Nikkor  f/5.6E FL ED VR lens is $16,000.  Combined with my camera it would be awesome, but it has no real place in my area of professional work.  Still I like to have the ability to zoom way in once in a while.  My solution – buy a Nikon P610.  At around $400 its a toy compared to the full frame D750, but with the ability to zoom to 1400mm equivalent, it can capture some fun images if you learn to live with its limitations..  Here is a double shot of Isla Venados from the Golden Zone on Mazatlan – the top one was taken at 50mm, and the lower one showing the area in the red rectangle at 1400mm.  Of course the telephoto shot was taken using a tripod.

The Photographer