Volcán de Colima

A trip to get a good view of this 3,820 meter (12,533 feet) high active volcano involves a lot of what I would call “back roads.” It gets its name from the largest nearby town of Colima. Traveling north from there, you can take an interesting side trip to what is now a museum dedicated to the work of Rangel Hidalgo. A little further and you find Comala, which is a small town with the typical picturesque central square and church. On this Sunday there were many vendors set up selling items ranging from huarache sandals to herb seasoned Mescal. From there it is about 17Km uphill north to El Jacal de San Antonio. This restaurant is set at 4,700 feet, on a very large property in the middle of very rough terrain. There is even a little zoo. They call themselves a “Rustic Traditional Kitchen,” and that is an accurate description. I had a half chicken cooked on a hot stone. The only thing not traditional is the prices. But it has some great views of Volcán de Colima.

The Photographer